Practical Information

Arrival information:

Arriving by plane:

You will arrive to the Manquehue airport (located in Temuco city). Just in the arrival hall  you will find a transfer service Transfer Aeropuerto Temuco.

The price for the Airport-Pucón trip is Max (n*$8000 CLP, $32000 CLP), where n is the number of passengers.

There is also Taxis at the outside of the airport and a similar trip cost $48000 (USD$ 80). 

There is a cheaper, but very much longer, way to get Pucón. That is, take a transfer to Temuco bus station ($1700 CLP), and then, take a bus to Pucón. We do not recommend this option.

Arriving by bus:

Depending on the bus company, the Pucón stop is located in the village, and a few blocks apart of the conference place.

Currency:  in the last months the mean currency is 

$ 620 CLP = $ 1 USD
$ 750 CLP = $ 1 EUR

There are many Change Services in the center of Pucón. In the Manquehue airport you can find a ATM (Distributeur de Billets) just at  the right of one (over two, very closely located) exits.

Weather in the Pucón region:  please check  Dirección Meteorológica de Chile

How to contact us: If you have any questions please send us an email to the following address:

In case you need to contact us while in Santiago you can call Andrés Navas to the following cell phone number:

(56 9) 68129321
Dial 09 6812921 from phones in Santiago.

In case you need to contact us while in Temuco-Pucon you can call Mario Ponce to the following cell phone number:

(56 9) 9230254
Dial 09 9230254 from fix phones.